Blocked Drains – Common Causes and How to Unblock Them

Dealing with a blocked or clogged drain is one of the most frustrating household plumbing issues. Drains can get easily congested with accumulated debris, leading to backed-up sinks, foul odours, and overflows, which can cause chaos in the household.

That’s why identifying the causes of blocked drains is key to finding the right solution. While do-it-yourself methods can work for minor clogs, severe blockages often require professional drain cleaning services.

Here, we have compiled a list of common causes for blocked drains and tips on how to unblock toilets to manage things by yourself.

Why It’s Crucial to Hire a Licensed Plumber on the Gold Coast.

When you’re faced with a plumbing issue in your Gold Coast home, it might be tempting to try to fix it yourself or to hire the cheapest plumber you can find. However, not all plumbers are created equal. In this blog post, we’ll explain the importance of hiring a licensed plumber and the potential risks of working with unlicensed individuals.

The Top 10 Most Common Plumbing Issues in Gold Coast Homes and How to Prevent Them.

Being a homeowner on the Gold Coast comes with its fair share of joys, but it also comes with the responsibility of maintaining your home’s plumbing system. At Tight Pipes Plumbing & Drainage, we’ve seen just about every plumbing issue imaginable. To help you keep your home in tip-top shape, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most common plumbing problems we encounter in Gold Coast homes and some tips on how to prevent them.