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Water Filtration

Tight Pipes Plumbing & Drainage are the proud South East QLD distributors for Water Filter Direct.

Water Efficiency Certificates

Planning on renting out your property?

You are allowed to pass on the full water consumption charges (including bulk water charges) to the tenants provided you meet all the minimum criteria. 

Your property must be individually metered (or water is being delivered by vehicle), the rental premises is water efficient and the tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption. The RTA require a water efficiency certificate to be completed by a licensed plumber to ensure the property meets the requirements.  


A plumbing renovation can update, repair, or completely replace the plumbing in your home. This can involve upgrading fixtures, replacing pipes, or changing the layout of the plumbing to better meet your needs. It can also involve updating the plumbing system to meet current building codes or regulations. Whether your plumbing renovation is a large or small project our experienced team can find a solution that best suits your home.

Household Maintenance

From leaky tap wear to fridges and general plumbing servicing, we have the experience and equipment to provide quick and budget friendly solutions.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our pre-purchase plumbing inspection services give you the piece of mind you need before buying a new property. Our professionals are equipped with cutting-edge technology to discover any potential difficulties both above and below ground, ensuring that you are aware of any plumbing concerns that may present. You will have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your new home investment thanks to our comprehensive inspection report. 

Rain Water Tanks

Allow us to inspect & replace your rain water tanks. Allowing you to relax knowing that your water supply is being stored safely and there is no chance you will wake up one day with no water left due to leaks.